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Theresa Bruckerhoff is Vice President and Research Associate for CRE. She has taken over key responsibilities for the firm during the past ten years, including identifying new sources for funding, distributing requests for proposals, attracting new clients, developing evaluation designs and instruments, monitoring projects, conducting field-based research and evaluation, analyzing data, recommending process improvement strategies and writing reports. She has a MS in Curriculum and Instruction and a BS in Elementary Education. She is a state certified teacher with sixteen years of classroom teaching experience ranging from preschool to the middle school levels. She has taught in gifted programs, special education programs, and regular classrooms in public and private schools. She has held executive board positions for child care centers and a nursery school. Currently, she studies state and national programs for teachers' professional development and school restructuring.

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Charles Bruckerhoff is President and Founder of CRE. He created the company in 1995 after a pursuing a career focused on field-based research at the university of educational issues among disadvantaged children. He provides assistance with developing the firm’s vision for research and evaluation of teaching and learning, and consults on elements specific to proposals, strategies and completion of projects. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin. His research interests are the effects of public policy on institutions, social groups, and individuals; the culture and process of schooling in public and private schools; the standards and conditions of the teaching profession; the reform and improvement of education systems in the U.S.; and applied research for the improvement of educational practice as well as for the discovery of relevant and useful theoretical models and historical perspectives. Dr. Bruckerhoff is the author of Between Classes: Faculty Life at Truman High and has written numerous articles and reports on systemic reform.

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